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Inspired by BenDoesLife. Early thirties, working to get to an average BMI, vegan. Adult-onset runner; completed three marathons with Team In Training and now I can't stop running. Go figure. Let's go do stuff!


I made several items for our Easter dinner yesterday. The raw and clean fruit pie [recipe], from the Engine 2 book, was a huge hit. Seriously - it was as popular as the turtle brownies. Win! I think this is a great clean eating “crossover dish” that you could easily serve to people skeptical of “health food.”

My less-than-original attempt at decorating the pie:

A couple of notes/modifications I made: 

- I used mandarin oranges packed in 100% juice instead of light corn syrup. If you’d prefer to use fresh fruit, be sure to segment the orange with a knife, like this. The segments will be prettier this way, and that’s really important, especially when feeding to skeptical audiences - we eat with our eyes first. 

- Strawberries don’t have a lot of pectin, the substance that allows fruit pies to gel naturally. You can increase the amount of natural pectin in the puree in this recipe by selecting strawberries with white tips (the white tips contain pectin that’s not in the fully-ripened strawberries) with some very ripe strawberries (to make the overall mixture sweet), or add just a bit of maple syrup or natural sweetener of choice. OR, you can just substitute fruit that contains a lot of natural pectin, like blueberries, for a portion (maybe 25%) of the strawberries. (BTW, I bet this pie would be superb with 100% blueberries, too - especially with fresh lemon zest!)

- Ripe bananas are best. I used a small plum to decorate on top, but you could also use blueberries or blackberries, or even kiwi. Different-colored fruits will really make the visual presentation of the pie.

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